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Human Resources is published by Ink Brush Press


Jesse Waters’ fiction, poetry and essays have appeared (or soon will) in such journals as 88: A Journal of Contemporary Poetry, The Adirondack Review, Amarillo Bay, Coal Hill Review, Eastown Fiction, Southeast Review, Story Quarterly, Sycamore Review, Cimarron Review and others. He is the director of the Elizabethtown College Writers House. A multiple Pushcart Prize nominee in poetry and creative non-fiction, Jesse has been recognized as runner-up for the 2002 Iowa Review Prize in fiction, a winner of the 2001 River Styx International Poetry Contest, and finalist in the 2010 Atlanta Review International Contest.





The Staff of Ink Brush Press 

Jerry Craven, Press Director

Carroll Wilson, Editor-in-chief

Lisa Craig, Art Editor

Sherry Craven, Editor

Jeffrey DeLotto, Editor

Beth Hadas, Special Advisor 

Robert Whitsitt, Technical Advisor

Laurie Champion, Special Acquisitions Editor

Sandra Chalyy, Associate Editor and Publicity Manager

Ashlynn Ruth Ivy, Associate Editor



































Jesse Waters takes on that old charge of the poet: to delight and to teach at the same time, and he does it with a funky, sensual quality to the diction throughout this spirited and deeply moving collection of poems, and with a lush and quirky imagery that has been finely tuned by a heartfelt but wildly imaginative regard for our ironic times. This is also a book about love, but the poet here does not inhabit the offices that love typically inhabits; instead, he manages to embrace a more Whitmanesque expression of love that transcends gender. In that light I admire too the poet’s willingness and acomplished artistic ability to let down his manliness in order to embrace a more inclusive emotional landscape than we commonly see in the poetry of American men. This is a strong book made with genuine care and it represents an important new voice in American poetry.

     —Bruce Weigl, Declension in the Village of Chung Luong

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